A Fictional Essay by a Fictional Essayist in a Fictional America [A fictional essay]

The Falling Leaf Review

Pre-prefatory Remarks

Diatribe. A forceful and bitter attack against someone or something, ideas, maybe; unwanted presence, perhaps?

Tirade. Invective. A long, angry speech of criticism or accusation, probably both.

Polemic. A strong verbal or written attack on someone or something.


Hallucinating Van Gogh crows on a canvas I dreamed, I think I dreamed, I remember it as if it were a dream, so much of what has passed has passed without proper citation, I cannot arrange the facts of memory in an order that determines their origin . . .  and Theo’s wife told him she was pregnant in July 1889.

In this cosmos of our creation, the third eye of everyone is his asshole, the anus there looking at the world through its shit flecked stink . . . all of us–all of our wisdom comes from the receptacle of our colon.

I do not wish to be…

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