A Fool’s Errand [short-short fiction]

My grandfather’s brothers were Teamsters at the beginning, so don’t go and try explaining to me what the reasons are for the Democrats moving to the right of center and pimping America for Wall Street. Where did they expect the Republicans to go except off a cliff of reactionary lunacy.

—A man not so unlike myself,

or so it seems to me


Words Mercator would never have spoken; or, how waiters and waitresses being remiss in their duty to keep the drinks coming have nothing at all to do with Mercator’s atlas and how he was able to reconcile the globe with the two dimensional planes of his maps in that atlas (which was finalized after his death). . .

“What is it that makes me think we in America have become ever more prudish and slightly more puritanical is how often I notice waiters and waitresses have become seriously horrible at coming around and asking if you want another drink. Or is it that too many waiters and waitresses come to New York City from some very narrowly backward Yokel-ville part of America?” He asked, or asks; maybe it should be, he might have asked, could have asked . . . sometimes I will imagine it should be, he should have asked.

“I have the feeling that we have become much narrower,” he says (and it is says, not said or any other verbal construction for the presentation of speech). “Yes, we are far more limited and limiting about freedom, what freedom means, what it could mean and that is to each of US, We the People . . . and yes, People must be capitalized, and not like the bank does to your college loan when you have trouble making payments. How is it that anyone cannot tell that we are a lot more uptight than we have ever been, individually, interpersonally, and that’s in spite of having lived through a time when the institutions were much more constricted and constricting . . .” he trails off.

He pauses.

“Moreover nonetheless however, all of us have moved further to the right–and yes, everyone is moving to the right . . . whereby the Democrats, who once defended liberal politics in America, have abandoned the cause of liberalism and moved right of center, the dividing line between eternal political left and right. If living in America now is not shoving a stick up your ass, then nothing ever was in this world,” he says.

He also says that her fears we will come to a place where we will choose the most heinously violent measures to rectify our socio-poltifcal problems, but most assuredly, our socio-economic discrepancies for any society purporting to be democratic.


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