Form is Beauty; Beauty, Form

Form is beauty, beauty form; if this, then Truth is also a kind of form. We know there is no truth without form, or beauty without form; our contemporaneity’s love for blurring formal boundaries has led us to dissolving the structure of any container that once held even miniscule truths. We can forget about maintaining an articulate understanding of Truth as an absolute, albeit, an objective reference for the situational relativities of our many subjective contexts.

We must live by forms; another truth to be un-denied lost in our penchant for denial. We cannot live in this world as corporeal beings without form–this we know from or by the senses. We also know that the sense are not the only verifiers of the real, let alone always reliable. Form in itself form the limits of beginning and ending in the corporeal world; the world of observation and experience is the physics and metaphysics of form.

To be of form and in form . . . to inform is related to the imposition of or the position of or the relative positioning at, near, next to, between . . . to inform is just what it says, to be in  form, to put in  form, to give form to someone through information, the channels of information, the medium is the message; all messages do inform, thus put in form. We shape our thoughts, do we not?

To inform is a kind of form, all manners of forming are thus informing; all manners of informing, forming. We cannot escape the literal here or the mutual reciprocity.

If Truth is a kind of form, it has definition, it has limits, it has existence in a noumenal, if not a phenomenal way. Truth can be form, formed, in form; information matters of truth to be verified; facts are verified. Information is an amalgam of facts; facts need verification, around and around we go.

The form you give to Truth is Beauty. Yes, this is another self evidence cannot abandon. Faith is necessary for reason, for rational thinking. The aesthetics of Keats aside, nonetheless, there is too much exchange of information today, a thing a little less than beautiful, or so we could have assumed in our mistaken kinship with this new philosophy.

The word ‘form’ is from the Latin forma; forma also translates from the Latin in some context as “beauty.”  In the Roman mind, then, as in the Greek, beauty was always in form and only in form could beauty exist. Beauty thus is Truth and Truth, Beauty, as Keats reminded us nearly 200 years ago.


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