There have always been ways to induce miscarriage in every society for all time. Medical advances may have insured greater safety; the “industrial” world, or the techonologically advanced world we live in, may have made an abortion one of the safest medical procedures, yet more women die of medical malpractice every year than they do of breast cancer. And that’s a statistic for the United States. 

It’s in our contemporary society where traditional herbs or teas have been forgotten. Every midwife in every village in every country is or was also the abortion lady. Abortion has always been an option, and homeopathically, probably a lot safer than in cities in industrial advanced societies. Do we imagine that an abortion for a black teenaged girl in backwoods rural 1930s Mississippi, the daughter of a sharecropper, was more dangerous than an abortion for a black girl in 1950s Detroit?Women in our society do not have at the ready homeopathic remedies for an unwanted pregnancy; women in traditional cultures still do.  

In traditional cultures, an induced miscarriage can be blurred with accidental miscarriages. Women have always been able to manage liberty within oppression., which is not an argument in favor of maintaining oppression.We in inorganic America have medical vacuum cleaners instead. Yes, we suck out the embryo from the womb. It is tidier this way, we must assume. Inorganic here is despite the proliferation of what we think is green consciousness, or the persistence of organic food in our marketplaces. I still do not understand how no girl has ever tried to use a Hoover to rid herself of the embryo growing inside her. I mean, girls once used curtain rods and coat hangers. We do remember the final scene of Goddard’s Masculin et Feminine, don’t we? The female protagonist says as much to the detective investigating her boyfriend’s death, asking her what she was going to do, and in turn, with as much banality as we would expect from Goddard in the mid-sixties, she refers to the possibility of using a curtain rod.

Close scene; close movie. Everyone was blown away.  


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