The Charade Must not Be Seen [a polemic]

Charade, an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance; however, if what is intended by the charade is seen as a charade, the pleasant or respectable appearance might just be too porous to hold and maintain any respect, thus absenting any pleasure to be had. The charade must always be invisible as a charade.


We have to look at our contemporary civilization’s guiding metaphysics, look to our participation in our culture’s assault on reason, on truth, how in love with doubt as a form of wisdom we have come to be, if we are going to examine the river of shit our boats are upstream  in without any oars.  We who oppose contemporary politics as it has been played in the arenas of states across our globe, have also helped create a cultural weakness in itself a strength only in its power to debilitate.  Weakness is weakness, though, just as strength remains strength.  The latter can only cleave to the latter, never the former.  This is immutable.

We should look closely at our most recent historical precedents over the last one hundred or more years, particulalrly the last fifty or sixty–there is a pervading nihilism at the heart of our culture, worse, at the core of our civilization; doubt, doubt and more doubt, these have become our dominant facts. How can we expect to get any politician other than Bush or Cheney or Bloomburg or Spitzer, or Clinton, or Wiener, or any other contemporary politico, when we have so little respect, so flacid a reverence for the language we speak, so little love and passion for speaking and for writing, even less for the literary and how that can be attained.  You cannot tell me that what passes for education in the Public Schools, or what is maintained as the educational standards in many of the institutions of higher learning, especially in the community colleges, has anything to do with the traditions of universitas, just as it has only to do with the most topical and relevant in education, a pedagogy that panders to the new student as patron, student as customer, university as store.  We cannot really believe that the loss of liberty or the erosion of civil rights has nothing to do with waning literacy, the inability to express ourselves in the written word, read the texts meant to defend us, support us against Power, against incursions by the State.

Of course now the University of learning is the Diversity of appearing to have learned, which in fact is only another form of subdividing the market to increase profits, the profit here for the colleges is enrollment, for the state, an increase or a perpetuation of enough under qualified to fill the welfare roles, if not just enough semi-qulified to fit the perfunctory office menialist who will partly administer the state bureaucracy which will only grow and demand that morons be managers.  Pedagogies of failure in our teaching of reading and writing insure that both of these are either perpetual or maximized; it will insure we have enough people who will prefer bread and circuses to advanced literacy and freedom.

We have submitted ourselves and our energies to engaging the ritual practices of the dual cults of the Now and the New; neither of these serve truth, both of them preach the salvation of doubt.  Both of them or either at any time here and now, or then and there, serve only Mammon inside the ritual practices of the most degraded materialism.  American materialism is a religion where we worship a new God as ourselves, doing so as no one devout anywhere in the world at any time would have for his God or Gods.  Religious faith has transferred its manifest forms.  One of the greatest tricks of our culture has been to convince us in our liberalism that all organized religions are the enemies of freedom, while we maintain a fervent religiosity for all things secular, for all things material.

Now materialism is not exactly point for point a referent for what we man when we say someone is being materialistic by buying lots off things and being concerned firstly and lastly for money, or the acquisition of more  . . . Soviet Communism is a materialism, in fact, all communisms are materialisms, rooted in the here and now as the only time and the only place . . . however, nonetheless, moreover, all communisms tends posit a Golden Age in the future, which is why so much is exerted on the material of culture, the material of history, the material of political reality–there is no universal human nature, except for how Capitalists act, react, want and perpetuate. All proletarians are Noble Savages corrupted by Capitalism.

Now I do not dispute the corrupting effects of Capitalism as it has been practiced and allowed to reach hegemony, in the particular ways it has since Reagan and Friedman’s world vision, his Novus Ordo Saeclorum . . . ; but then I have as much to say about the rise of the bourgeoisie and the ways they tend toward totalitarianism, whether it is totalitarian Communist or Totalitarian Capitalist . . . and it was the bourgeois hegemony in the SovietUnion  that undermined anything that might have become truly democratic in their communism; just as it was the petty bourgeois management of Germany’s Nazis revolution that restructured Germany in its totalitarianism, as ripe as Germany was for this reordering. It was the Petty Bourgeois Bureaucrat who imagined the concentration camps.

[To be continued; an on-going polemic]



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