Dialogic Imagination

The dialogic imagination–the world novelized, or are you in the habit of examining the reality you participate in through one or another of the monologic genres?

Sometimes my ideas arise as conversations in my head, another cavern with echoes. I’m always talking to the people I know when they are not around, always examining what I think through these dialogues where the people I know speak as they would speak if speaking to me at the moment in my head, not as if remembered. They do take on a life of their own ado characters in fiction. Their character is placed in this role whereby they perform according to this internal logic, yes. My ideas are then tested against these, how it would be if . . . heteroglossia rules the writing because the society is definitely overly deter,mnined by heteroglossia?

I’m not so sure of that, as much of the media become our messages, and the extent to which the media rules the ritual actions of our minds. This of course does not point to the fairness of the media–the media could not rule if it were fake, all of it fake, as simplistic as that sounds and becomes on several levels–or in several contexts of observations, examination, analysis.


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