Joke a Witch or Choke a Witch? [fiction]

A man sits and watches the U.S. Open 2011 men’s singles final. He does not like the outcome. He does not think it is good for tennis. He likes tennis although he does not like Novak Djokovic. In fact he hates Djokovic. He has followed what he likes to call the “Serb’s antics.” Antics are what they are, he thinks. He believes that the Serbian World #1 US Open champion is . . . a  liar. A cheat.

This is mild for him, for what he thinks, what he usually says while watching the “annoying Serb.”

He gets illegal coaching. He manipulates fake injuries. Until this year, he has the highest incidence of quitting in tournaments from among the world top ten players. 10% of his losses were due to some mysterious injury.

More? What more? How much more could he say, should he say, he says enough each time. Anything here would be too little in the way of exemplifying how much he despises the world #1. It’s not that he likes anyone Djokovic has beaten so much that he feels compelled to indulge his most visceral self, articulating what he says he knows–“I do not have to think,” he says.

It’s not because he’s Serbian or Slavic as many people might whisper to themselves in silent political incorrectness, but because he has no integrity and no scruples, only greed and more greed and more greed.

He wonders why so many people are willing to think otherwise, but then he sees how people in general react to President Obama, or to the once obvious steroid use of Barry Bonds and Serena Williams, or so he insists.

His parents are notorious for talking behind opposing players, but then maybe the history of Serbia has something to do with it . . . why not?

He asks himself over and over like questions, talking to himself in front of his television as if he had an audience.

Was Milosevich an anomaly? Was Tito? Were the communists and the Yugoslav Soviet collaborators? Was Serbian genocide on Bosnian Muslim women a exception or a rule in the collective unconscious of Serbian men? Stalinism and Soviet cheating are in their behaviorism as much as it is in the hearts of all former East German athletes, or freaks. They are freaks; freaks made of Nazis science that all Soviet coaches and Soviet Bloc coaches were willing to use.

He does not ask himself if this is racist. “Racism here has nothing to do with the truth of the matter at hand,” he said. “Whether the Nazis were antiSemitic or not, they were mostly right about Jews,” he said. “Nazis, communist, fascist, bolshevik, what does it matter–German, Jew, Russian, Serb . . . all of a piece.”

The Soviet Union, East Germany and all eastern bloc countries were the greatest steroid abusers of them all; the first to use them with impunity in international and Olympic competition. Cheating is in their nurture. Some people are less human than others even though they are equally homo sapiens. I make no apologies here.

He turns off the TV pissed that UFTA lets Djokovic get away with what the announcers and other players know he does.


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