Existence precedes essence?


I am engaged? Existentialism. I am who I am as I am when I am where I am whatever I am–I. Not categories, not man, a member of men, not American, one of the Americans, not straight still straight, not Catholic but Catholic; I in itself I as I am I.

The freedom of humanity lies in me? Existentialism. I am that I am an individual with existence and in as much as that is true I am responsible for the freedom of the world because I am responsible for the freedom of myself.

I am we the people for if I am not, then there is no one who can be we the people, and if we is only all of us, this all of us is never summed, never reachable. There would never be now a we the people.

Existentialism. Yes, existence precedes essence. Categories are tools, but the way we use them in America–we disband with out dexterity with categories, unable to wield the tool, but we do wear them as manacles to shackle our thoughts, to shackle our thinking.

I am we in every existentialist political science. The I is macrocosmic to the state. In this way, the people will always be counterweight to the state, to all institutions of state, of government, of anything in counterpoint to the individual.

This integral person I am is macrocosm to all institutions, as fore mentioned: the institutions of marriage, of men, of women, of any kind of gender identity, of religion, of government, of political affiliation, of social role, of profession or job or union or club or age or ethnicity or nationality.