Good Tuesday; a Vignette

The stove she said she had seen last night its tail. Scurrying below the stove,  Robert Burns would not go to get glue traps. I got them, later, and I caught him, writhing he was as I dropped him down the chute. I had put him in a plastic bag to suffocate him–mercy, I imagined, I can imagine myself compassionate and merciful.

I asked myself if the Romans would have glued Christ to the cross instead of nailing him there, if they had the glue to do it? They did nail him, did not glue him, to his cross. We would glue instead of nail to any cross. I’m with Seneca the Elder who believed that Crucifixion could instruct public morality.

How can I compare this mouse to Christ Jesus Word become Flesh, I might. I have thought to ask how I do compare thee little mouse. I ask not who the shutting is for, the garbage chute door slams for thee.


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