Colonialism and Israel

Ashkenazi in Israel represent the last vestige of 19th century European colonialism, which will always succumb to racial identity theories, or one form of racial suprematism or privilege system or another, whenever its ugly head appears from under cover.  We must not forget that Ashkenazi are about as indigenous to Palestine as the Magyar are to Central Asia.  Israel and colonialism is one of the most pressing questions in American politics, inMiddle Eastern Politics, in World politics today, and in any discussions of colonialism historically. Israel is European in most manners of being, even if spoken in Hebrew.
Colonialist nationalism has come to one of the three smallest ethnic groups in Europe: Ashkenazi, the Romany/Gypsies, the Basque.  No one sponsored a homeland for Gypsies to return to, although we could have; Basque have their indigenous land, so the point is moot. Only European Jews, and subsequently by proxy, any Jew from anywhere, have been given land to resettle, but actually colonize.  I am not talking about the political distinction of Jerusalem today, but the creation of the state of Israel.  I do understand Jewish manifest destiny, which is what Israel is; I might not have sponsored any settlement or treaty with Native Delaware speaking tribes of the Mid-Atlantic that in any way curtailed the right of the Virginia English settlements to thrive, prosper, and multiply or expand. Israel and colonialism must be discussed; colonialism must be attached to what it is we are talking about when we discuss Zionism, when we discuss hegemony in the middle east, when we want to know what the State of Israel represents. 

The analysis of Ashkenazi in Israel as occupiers, as colonial overlords, as oppressors, and more importantly, as ex-Communist Soviets must be considered. Ashkenazi by the hundreds of thousands since 1990 have shown up in Israel, and it should be noted how these Soviet Ashkenazi have asserted themselves in Israel and to Palestinians and other Arabs in the region along the lines of how European colonization has moved historically. Israel mirrors this more than anything else.  This is something that has millennial energy behind it.  Israel is the last vestige of European Colonization, as colonialist as Great Britain, France, Ancient Rome or Greece ever were.  This no more Jewish than it is European, except Israeli Ashkenazi finally get a piece of colonial pie they have never shared in, except whenever financiers or bankers in Europe happened to be Jewish
Israel is the last vestige of European Colonialism alive and well; it is what puts Middle eastern Muslims and Muslims around the world on their heels as if the Crusades have returned because in effect they have.  They may be Jews but they are the product of a Europe that can no more get rid of its Christian metaphysics than it could its Jews in another psychopathy.

I’m not talking about the Christianity of Therese de Lisieux or Saints Francis or Anthony of Padua, or Mother Teresa, certainly not the moral teachings of Christ, but a politicized Christianity, no less militant at times than Empires formed under the Muslim faith.  Oftentimes what we are speaking of in this is a millennial charged civilizing force and one often fanatically militant in its political science.  Jews from Europe in the middle east facing muslims are the bearers of this religio-political metaphysics feeding all institutional metaphysics in a way that even left Sephardic Jews from the middle east as second class in Israel for decades.

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