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War is peace today as surely as anything Orwell had predicted; debt is now an asset, and having nothing, economically, is surely something.  The rich are richer because many, many people owe them money; the ephemeral has become the concrete in the new economics. Economics is housekeeping in ancient Greek; it seems we are trying to support roofs without walls.  Where then do we find solvency, a requirement for you and me, but never one of the elite who can go bankrupt today, collect tens of millions or hundreds of millions for having done so, and get credit afterwards from banks that  would never give that much credit to any hundred thousand of us.  Banks give you less than 2% interest on your money, but charge you 25 to 30% on your credit card; and there are those who see no relevance today for the 2nd Amendment, nor an integral relationship between the 2nd and the 1st, as if Jefferson had placed them in their order by accident, or perhaps it’s just that no one can imagine Jefferson any smarter than  we suspect we are with the kind of education we have received. 

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The State is never your friend,  I remember my father saying over and over to me in these and many other words. No government has ever been the friend of its people he insisted; banks surely are not, nor have they ever been generous.  Capitalism has one God and that is, as it has been for always, Mammon.  In America today, in its new theoretical science of being, with star apostles preaching its creed, and where Oprah has inferred that believing the reward for your goodness will take the form of money is the first step in the new faith of the spiritual material, serving Mammon has become the highest way to serve God.  Yes, of course.  We could not serve God and Mammon in the past, but to serve God through Mammon today is a truth as dogma irrefutable. Mammon is God, God, Mammon. You cannot oppose this; every one is bought and sold.


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