Presidents & Men

Presidents & Men

Every day the same as every other day? I no longer ask. Every day different from every other before to come? I might wonder, if . . . Who will bear change? To change or not to change might be the question . . . if it is possible to change? I do ask.

Will is not something we manage except in the Public good, the Public will; the People evermore under the weight of the Public. The State always contrary to the very best in me. We the people weighty enough to counterbalance state? The State always rewards you for abdicating your popularity in favor of publicity, publicity only the marketing of popularity.

The popularity of an actor is always managed by publicity agents; any politician’s popularity transformed into campaign publicity by the same people. No one saw the man Obama or McCain in O 8, dead and buried each of them in layers of the political for too long

We need numbers today to advance our ethics. The scariest part of our descent into a maelstrom of political mysticism, what we have in place of political rationalism (and mysticism is the antithesis of rationalism) os that . . . We do not understand the century that gave our nation birth, that gave her ideas, ideology, intelligence, our politics, all of it, form in thought. We better understand the century last or better put, the Century of Murder, the suffering of one political mysticism or another, every brand of industrially mechanized totalitarian control torture and murder.

Fascism, Nazism, Maoism, Reactionary Zionism, Communism, Americanism, et cetera. One ism after another in a long parade of political corruption and oppression. If you imagine, for example, that we live in a free society whose information is organized by a free press, think again. The American media, print and broadcast is reactionary and supportive of Zionist aggression and Zionist crimes against humanity. The Press in America is a propaganda organ of the monied and power elite. Obama was supported by the banks and Wall Street as no other President. Wall Street wanted to take hegemony away from the oil gangsters supported by Bush and Cheney.

Obama was the truth too horrible to believe, the lie big enough to sell: our endemic racism lead us to conclude that Obama had to be for the little human because he was black, is black. Obama is Wall St in black face, and we don’t see that. We miss how Obama’s presidency is a minstrel show. So did all the writers of color and ethnic flavor, themselves processed by American MFA programs so they can then be paraded around as shining examples of our multicultural society.

Why do we get the politicians we get, the Presidents we suffer, and we do suffer our Presidents? Looking in the mirror is not enough; reading mainstream American fiction, by whomever the writer, will certainly divert the eyes. What then is diversity other than a gross diversion ploy set by the establishment–Senor Diaz, lie to us again as you help power to make space for your pseudo subversion to control all real subversion.

Once presidential, the man Obama could not be different than any other man before him and will turn out a lot more like the likes of Reagan Johnson Nixon Clinton Bush than he will ever ever be like me. What does this say about the Office of the Presidency; it is a millennial office, truly the most powerful position on earth, closer to Caesar than anything remotely in imitation of Christ . . . to do would be something tangible, but what Presidents do best is be. Become what we want, what we need, never any longer, a naive conviction from some, a debility of metal capacity in the most monstrous dimension from the rest of us. What they are, our Presidents, their to be or not, is Presidential; to be Presidential or not to be Presidential.

And if ever the murder of American citizens were what it means to be Presidential, we would be dead in a heart beat, and that would be true for whomever were President: Obama, Bush, Johnson, Lincoln . . . the difference would be in how many, not in whether to or not. The corporate control in Washington has insured that something less than Democracy–or, other than, really–takes place. And we still imagine that the 2nd Amendment has no relevance. Never in our history has it had more.





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