Hangers, Curtain Rods and Letting in Some Air [Polemic]

In the United States, a collective unconscious fear of sex and sexuality, not identical, has left us diametrically opposed not only on issues like gay mariage but also abortion. Unlike the issue of gay marriage, though, life is jeopardized if we do not maintain the law that insures safe and antiseptic procedures are part of a woman’s choice. Nonetheless, this is reactionary America, so we must must punish women who have sex and do not wish to submit to marriage as the sole means to manage their potential bastards. Most of the abortion debate pivots on this ethical and retributive hinge: do we want to punish women for having sex or do we not want to punish them for expressing themselves sexually.
We cannot hope to have normal relationships if we still want to criminalize sex out of wedlock, which is what we would be doing if we were to criminalize abortion. It doesn’t matter what the popular culture thinks its saying or doing; pop culture actions are reactions to the core belief; they are reactions similar to how pornography, and the proliferation of porn and its availability, reveal our true attitudes about sex. We have no healthy notions about sex or sexuality, and that’s heterosexuality. How do we expect to handle the idea that homosexuality is normal when we still fear heterosexual sex. The issues raised by gay marriage and abortion are contingent with all discussion of basic Human Rights.
Gay Marriage and Abortion are both pro-choice issues; they are both issues of freedom or the lack thereof. This matter of gay marriage being a part of the pro-choice issue in a larger sense, one that also includes legislation that insures a woman’s right to choose an abortion can be safe is of course the crux of any rational argument supporting both or either.
Pro-choice is, in the specific sense of choosing to have a safe abortion, part of the larger more encompassing Human Right to choose, but a basic human right as well as constituional right to be spared cruel and unusual punishment. Every person, man or woman, heterosexual or homosexual, married or unmarried, has an unalienable right to choose the life he or she wishes to live. The right of gay men and lesbians to choose whether or not to get married in a a same-sex union is on par with a woman’s leagally sactioned choice to have an abortion if she should want one. They are each a part of the Pro-Choice argument that is essential to any Pro-Freedom position in any society. [freedom]Nonetheless, there is no pit and the pendulum looming if gay marriage is not supported by law. There is, though, something out of Edgar Allan Poe for girls in the foreseeable future without a law that protects their Human Right to choose to have an abortion, and I remind us herein again that a woman has the right to choose to have an abortion whether the laws in her society support that right, protect that right.
I don’t know how anyone can be against providing women with a law that upholds her right to decide for herself how she wishes to use her body, a law that insures medicine is practiced and not something out of a chamber of horrors. Abortion before the law got behind it in the 1970s was horrible; there is no other way to express what illegal abortion represented, nor what all of the ramifications were. There was something inquisitional about it, curtain rods and all that went along with back alley surgery. There are nearly a hundred thousand women worldwide who die in the process of having an illegal and/or unsafe abortions worldwide.
Nearly half of all abortions worldwide are not safe medical procedures and this has to stop. There is something uncivilized about a society that cannot protect a woman’s right to choose, and that’s to choose to have an abortion or to choose to have the baby. Any pressure from either extreme in the diametrics of the abortion issue is unacceptable in a civilized society. “Tough luck” or “too bad” might be what some of us would like to say to women who have transgressed some imagined moral law that insists sex out of wedlock must be punished, but it cannot be part of any social discourse on sane and ethical treatment of every individual in a society.To oppose pro-choice is to support pro-horror, whether one supplies the curtain rods or not.

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