Obama Black, Obama White [Polemic]

President Barack Obama gives his weekly addres...
Obama watching Obama?

President Obama is not elite by birth but by choice by intention desire all that he has ever aspired to through intelligence resentment denial and greed.  The old Kennedy alliance-nexus is at work, political sponsors weaving webs, spheres of influence, the seat of national political power at the doorstep of power real.  Black white or otherwise, whoever, whatever, however he is, what I see is Obama power, not Obama race. Obama black or Obama white; more than this I see a hedonist, for sure; not populist for real.  The stock market tanks as he parties in the White House with former drug dealers. But there are fewer distinctions between government and gangsters.

A tale of two personalities told would be more telling; Obama black hot line to little man we imagine the simple separate person, the democratic averages averaging out the people, never less than suspect in the eyes of the President.  A state serving public is what he wants, finger puppets of Wall Street, all of us, himself included. We the people still born today;  alone, each of us, all others together . . . power elites need smooth orators to sell the idea of public over people. We are losing the people, the identity, people, for identity, public; I’ve said this before.  Bush II just might have sent us back to grassroots people politics . . .    Johnny get your gun,there ain’t no First Amendment without the Second. But Obama will have us eating crumbs out of the hands of state as we learn to love serving the state as members of a neo-rainbow-public.  State run health care the best a public can hope for?   Far, far worse than what a people want.

Obama black, Obama white; consciousness of race in America never off; the lessons of miscegenation One drop of black blood makes you black have come around 180 degrees.  How much more black than that is Obama? But if one drop black makes you black for white does one drop white make you white for black? So who what how is Obama?  Is it racist to think an African American because he is an African American can step out of the traditions of American politics or the energies of the Office of the Presidency, that he will not be affected by the current political energies that rule the ritual actions of Wahington’s Political Priests? Obama the free agent we think he is? Even less of an outsider than Jimmy Carter? The Kennedy alliances of ’60 and ’68? The party mainstream  feeding the tributary waters of Obama’s presidency?  Money from the Banks as well . . .

There are always powers in numbers by numbers to be controlled.  Black people have been numerically disadvantaged since their numbers could count. Democrats support eliminating the Electoral College system. The Electoral College System is the only voting system in history that gives weight to minority voters.  With one man one woman one vote each, African-Americans get washed out.  But then Obama is the white-washed black man America can love, unless it’s racist to say that Americans might have voted otherwise had Obama not been half white. I mean if half black makes him black half white makes him white, unless we are saying that half black is stronger than half white; but then that would mean black is ubermench . . .right?

Politically correct speech police can say what they will about our Mr. President, but even I say we should give him even more of a chance than he has been given heretofore, afforded the chance to show us that black men can be politicians exactly like white men, just as corrupted by power. But then this would mean that African-Americans have arrived; they now have the opportunity to screw hundreds of millions of people to the advantage of a small and very powerful elite. Didn’t Hilary warn us about Obama only to have the media jump on her as if she were some dog out of the kennel of Bull Connor.


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